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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Early American Style - Rustic Color Palette

Early American: Soft Neutrals, Pastel, Primary colors

Early American colors are based on actual color tones of the period, generally ranging from 1660 to 1780, rather than the 'regional' color themes I wrote about in the previous color blogs. Interiors were painted with neutral tones like Harbor Grey, Georgian Green, Queen Anne Pink and Colonial Blue. Inspired by Robert Adam’s architecture and color schemes Colonial, Federal and Neoclassical Styles emerged. Pastel tones were integrated into this style, often seen in fabrics like curtains and chair covers. Folk traditions were popular and an early American style arose from this that ran parallel to the more formal tones of the Period interior. Bright colors like red, yellow and blue were made from natural pigments and are often best expressed on furniture, objects, cabinetry and stenciled boarders on an interior wall or door surround.

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