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Friday, May 27, 2011

Country French Style - Rustic Color Palette

Country French: Earthy, Vibrant, Pastel

The French Country palette balances earthy colors of brown, mustard, red-orange and moss greens, with vibrant colors tones like Saffron, Cobalt, Marigold and Turquoise. Fabric, furniture and ornamentation are often decorated with these lively and expressive colors and stand in dramatic juxtaposition to time worn walls and floors. Alternatively, the suns washed colors of Southern France, including rosy tans, smoky blues and celadon greens, are suggestive of another era and lend to an aura of sophistication blended with the needs of daily activity. Charming and comfortable yet grounded with tradition and culture, the French Country Style is an exciting blend of wholesome meets vital.

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