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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Rustic Color Palette

I've always felt a great place to start thinking about a design style is to think in color... literally. Our color perceptions define our world, moods, the way we live, in a deeply profound way. The Rustic Style color palette has a distinct range of color tones and is essential in creating a successful rustic interior. By using the appropriate color tones, you can create a variety of design styles ranging from period and historic to regional to thematic. Color helps define our experiences within an interior and exterior environment. It affects us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and can be calming and passive or expressive and vital.

To help understand the process of selecting colors, I’ve envisioned a series of individual palettes that vary from region to region but maintain the consistent tonal range of the Rustic Style color palette. These are…

Tuscan Style
English Country
French Country
Colonial American
Rustic Mexican

Tuscany is always a good place to start...

I think of the Tuscan Country color palette as having three notable tonal qualifiers - Earthy, Vibrant and Neutrals

Earthy tones of Umbers, Siena and Ochre are natural colors drawn from the earth and fields of Tuscany. Silvery green Cyprus trees complement worn terracotta tile roofs.
Vibrant tones are set in contrast like the yellow sunflower sits against the ruddy fields. Over time, these vibrant colors are captured by the hot sun and fade to an expansive palette of neutrals such as sage green and soft rose from natural clay.

I’ll explore other Rustic color palettes in upcoming blogs.

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