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Thursday, December 9, 2010

gold leaf some hand made pine picture frames

I want to gilt some hand made pine picture frames with some carving done on them using your imitation gold leaf.I would like to use oil based green paint as a base coat on some of them and your Rolco red and ochre on others or maybe a combination of the three.

I would like at least a 12 hour sizing, what suggestions would you have for me on these procedures and a recommended size ?


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  1. You can intermix the paints for the base color (red and ochre) and select an oil based green paint from your local paint supply. 12 hour adhesive is not necessary for use with imitation Gold Leaf. A 3 hour oil size will produce the same long term results, without the slower set up time of the 12 hour size. Generally, a 12 hour size would be used with Genuine Gold leaf (0.5 microns thick) and is especially recommended for exterior use. It has a longer 'open' time, or tack time, which allows the genuine leaf to lay-on smooth and mature to a brilliant luster over time. Imitation Gold leaf is much thicker (though still very thin at 8 microns) and does not change in brilliance as it cures over time. Plus, using a 12 hour runs the risk of more air-borne particles settling on the object surface (long open time of stickiness), potentially resulting in blemishes in the final leaf appearance. For a small project (5 sqft) or less, we recommend the Gilder's Project kit with imitation gold ( This is complete with 3 hour oil size, ochre paint, 1 book Imitation Gold, brushes, gloves and instructions. You could add more books of leaf as well as individual cans of red paint, size or sealer.
    Alternatively, you can buy the products individually.